Seagate Green Lodging Program (USGBC South Florida, PB Branch event 2011)


September 22, 2011

Hosted by Palm Beach Branch at Seagate Hotel & Spa in Delray Beach

Drinking water out of post-consumer recycled fiber and polystyrene plastic bottles with light appetizers, and mingling with other “green” enthusiasts, was a great way to spend a Thursday evening while learning new ways in protecting Florida’s natural environment.

Did you know that this Hotel was nominated as one of the LEED NC finalists at GalaVerde 2010 as well as GalaVerde 2011? Did you know that a year ago from this event, just one day short, a panel discussion for the branch was held by Jim Sopher, LEED AP, PM of Anderson-Moore Construction?

Firstly, Jonathan Burgess introduced Ken Fraser, Regional Sales Manager for ECO Products, as one of our sponsors for the event.  They consider themselves as “Green Geeks”.  Their strategy was: Make products from Renewable Resources and Post-Consumer Materials, not oil.  Their coffee cups were an eco-version made out of corn to be “scanned” by your iPhone.  They do not want to just “showcase” their green, they operate “sustainably” by using solar power at their offices and communicate “smartly”.  Let’s “scan” and learn more at

After this “green” interaction, Jonathan, via PowerPoint, reminded us of our 4th Annual Hallow-Green party on Friday, October 28th at Hotel Biba in West Palm Beach… Let’s bring out our calendars and mark down the date!

Angela Budano, our Hospitality Chair introduced the event’s speakers.  Brad Stombock, Director of the Office of Sustainable Initiatives, Fla. DEP of Tallahassee.  He updated us on Sustainable approaches to improve Florida Green Lodging program. 

New Improvements: 6 areas of Sustainable Operations:
1-Community and Education
2-Water Conservation
3-Waste Reduction
4-Energy Efficiency

Other approaches discussed:
Florida Clean Marina Program
-Florida Clean Vessel Act
-Pitch in Pitch out
-Lean & Green Hospitality

Next, our second speaker, Danielle Adams, President of the Florida/Caribbean Chapter, Green Meetings Industry Council, demonstrated the SEMT green meeting planning tool and briefed us on the upcoming new APEX/ASTM Green Meeting Standard.

New APEX/A.S.T.M. Environmentally Sustainable Meeting Standards:
6-food and beverage,
7-meeting venue,
8-on-site office, and

She gave a “hi-tech” presentation by including a QR code as well as a very interactive, engaging, eco-video on SEMT sustainable event measurement tool! See YouTube link:

Throughout Ms. Adams expertise, she has offered ideas on how to make events more green, including “eco-fuel canisters to keep foods hot that can be recycled when empty, luxurious linens made from plastic bottles, eco-chic nightclubs featuring dance floors that produce electricity and energy-saving LED lighting and electronic signage.”

Kudos to a great, engaging evening on thinking how to improve Florida’s Environment under a Hospitality mindset!


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