Temporary Additions for Superbowl XLV



Ever walk into one of those super-massive sized sculptural, 30 centuries jet-setted ahead, more contemporary than the term contemporary, the most popped of pop art, the most deco of art deco, and you were just speechless? The Dallas Cowboys Stadium, is not a typical cookie-cutter stadium that fits in like the Big Ten Schools or the Big 12….

First of all, their owner, their king, the one and only Jerry Jones, who has starred in HBO’s Entourage and other top box rated shows, has turned the meaning of the word “supersize” around 360 degrees, clockwise and counterclockwise.  He is the mastermind, a tycoon, behind all sports franchises.  Every game played at the Stadium, whether it be the Superbowl XLV or a Cowboys game… every coin toss, every commercial, every scoreboard, every halftime show, and everything else in between, self-produces more and more business, revenue and even mega-supersized real estate opportunities.

It is like a self-functioning metamorphosis.  A paradigm shift in sports culture.  The elements are retractable, everything is 5 star as you walk through the massive space.

This domed structure has a retractable roof, has earned the title as the world’s largest structure with no column, as well as the world’s largest high def video screen. It was all done strategically, scientifically and detailed under the eyes and minds of HKS Architects, Inc.  No other “Stadium” could top this, not even the traditional Ohio State University’s “Horseshoe” shaped stadium which is listed in the National Registry of Historic Places. Although the Buckeyes stadium is very intimidating but…

Since the Superbowl XLV is approaching faster than the minutes and seconds around the clock, major challenges are at stake in trying to temporarily squeeze in an additional 20,000 more seats.  While the Stadium holds for 80,000, the programmatic requirements for the structure allows for temporary configurations of expanding the seating.

The “smart-planned” program has famously created a paradigm shift in traditional, old-school style of seats built-in into the concrete grounds.  The “Stadium” seats were fastened onto aluminum rails bolted into the concrete which allows for flexibility in squeezing the seats closer for additional capacity.

This “smart planning” approach calls for a quick, short “version” of Integrated Project Delivery.  It is the scientific project delivery method where architects, engineers and builders become one team and brainstorm to create better solutions using technology when reaching roadblocks during construction, build-out or other phases.

While February 6, 2011 is accelerating faster than the speed of light, plans for removing armrests of seats and adding temporary seating in the end-zone plazas are taking effect now.  Since the end-zones are fire hazards, the quantity of building codes to consider far exceeds the number of billions of dollars the super size structure is worth.

A major challenge at the last minute.  After all the last minute construction work, everyone, just about 99.99% of everyone will end up paying  just to stand the entire time, because this “Stadium” is just so surreal.

Amazing, to see the intensity and phenomenal immensity of sports culture as a major contributor in causing cultural shifts in today’s society, just as fast as the speed of iPhones and iPads adding more apps everyday.

That is why today’s architects and builders are using IPD and building information modeling approaches as if their lives depended on it… and to foresee the future.

LET’S GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!


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