Learn Green Schools (USGBC Conference 2011)

Sponsored by Green Schools Recognition Program
The Dreyfoos School of Arts in West Palm Beach
November 2011

 [Bell Ringing] Time to jump off of the yellow school bus and climb those big steps of the Dreyfoos School of Arts! We dropped off our backpacks onto the locally reclaimed floor tiles and slouched into eco-preserved oak grained chair/ desks. Our teacher surprised us with a green apple and FSC-certified pencils! We opened all the windows and started sketching on harvested notepads recycled from last year’s class. [Bell Ringing] Time for lunch! We ran into the cafeteria where they used to have those long planks of wood as “picnic” tables that would stretch so far like from East to West Okeechobee… We then carried our recycled Whole Foods lunchbags outside and dreamt of being in an outdoor classroom all day… (FYI: This story is fictional.)How much greener can a school get? Feel free to view improved and innovative ideas presented at the Learn Green Conference. 

1) Greening Existing Schools Project Management Guide
2) More
Breakout Session Info and Video


What Do Albert Einstein, Simon and Garfunkel, John Roebling and Steven Martin Have to Do with STEM? Robert J. Kobet, The Kobet Collaborative

The importance of the philosophy behind the true meaning of STEM and how it applies to the future generation of our students and their placemaking role in our dynamically challenged society.

Coming Soon!


Jason Bregman, Environmental Designer for Michael Singer Studio graciously guided us on a tour starting with the Pavilion, the 1st LEED Certified building of WPB, with a 17Kw solar photovoltaic system on roof, and ending the tour on the “new and old” subtropical Waterfront.

Leisure sitting areas all light up with bio-luminescent glows… The glows reflect and enhance aging mangroves and ecosytems “living” underneath and around the benches weaving through the dock.

The Studio collected millions of used oyster shells from local restaurants and transported them into re-laying the grounds of depleted ecosystems… Oysters help purify the water as well as in hopes of reviving its population for a natural ecosystem.

Well done job on smartly intertwining natural ecological elements within a floating, man-made, “living” dock! More info…


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