Luxury Interior Bath Rooms

Design Journalist

5. Florida Designer Homes MagazineDesigner BathroomsFebruary 2013 Volume 2 No. 6, Page 23 – 25 Creative ways to give character and a theme to a traditional bathroom.

Hamptons-StyleLuxury. Relax. Peace. Imagine repeating these words to yourself in a remote interior space with no mobile reception.

You may enter the “unknown” with a cup of chocolate espresso and absorb all touches of dark mahogany hardwood.  Textures would be free of voids, just as smooth as perfect snow-capped peaks out west in Utah.  You would start collecting photos of espresso mahogany vanities and accents from Pottery Barn.  Digging for dark chocolate fabrics so rich that you would be craving a Hershey’s bar!  This collaborative effort would help bring your perfect space to reality.

But if you grew up on the island of Palm Beach and just returned from Fourth of July fireworks in Southampton, you would imagine bringing back French…

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