Luxury Interior Bath Rooms

Florida Designer Homes Magazine Designer Bathrooms February 2013 Volume 2 No. 6, Page 23 – 25 Creative ways to give character and a theme to a traditional bathroom.

Hamptons-StyleLuxury. Relax. Peace. Imagine repeating these words to yourself in a remote interior space with no mobile reception.

You may enter the “unknown” with a cup of chocolate espresso and absorb all touches of dark mahogany hardwood.  Textures would be free of voids, just as smooth as perfect snow-capped peaks out west in Utah.  You would start collecting photos of espresso mahogany vanities and accents from Pottery Barn.  Digging for dark chocolate fabrics so rich that you would be craving a Hershey’s bar!  This collaborative effort would help bring your perfect space to reality.

But if you grew up on the island of Palm Beach and just returned from Fourth of July fireworks in Southampton, you would imagine bringing back French Country.  Opulent white sandy curtains would overlap with preppy plaid walls.  Ralph Lauren and Martha Stewart would tie in sail boat anchors, a vintage Victorian tub, coral reef sculptures, and wicker furnishings.

Then there is the other generation of us waiting to check out of express line of a grocery store. After browsing Hollywood gossip or spa retreat magazines in line, you would close your eyes and just dream.  Envisions of a timber cabin with a fireplace warming up a rustic stone wall, as high as it sits on tall redwood tree barks, would be just fabulous living.  This space would overlook mineral hot springs and deep cliffs in western Montana.  Bamboo renewable flooring, Feng Shui, and Zen elements would most likely define your interiors.

Finally, you may just want to skip all this and jump into “king” throne French velvet armchairs with matching footstools.  Sparkling crystal chandeliers, antique oil lanterns and wind chimes would accentuate a restful space.  Venetian bronze faucets, mosaics, Oscar de la Renta-inspired Grecian velvet shower curtains and matching monogrammed bathrobes would make the perfect space for regal living.

Imagine any of this in your own “room with the bathtub, sink and other services”.

Luxury defines great comfort, not just high prices. A traditional room or service space can be transformed into your own Pièce de résistance, under time and cost effectiveness.

If you have the passion or a vivid memory of your travels, sharing a clearly defined scope for your luxury bathroom would dramatically help an architect or interior designer achieve your dreams.

Nathalie J Siegel, AAIA, LEED AP BD+C, CPTED
Project Manager
CCS Architecture and Interior Design


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