Palm Beach GREENworking (USGBC South Florida, PB Branch event 2011)

Palm Beach GREENworking at PGA 18 August 2011

Walking into two spacious boardrooms doubled out into a spectacular space filled of green exhibitor tables neatly lined up along the interior perimeter of one half of the room was a prediction of a fabulous event to begin. Approximately 20 vendors volunteered to set up their tables to display their companies, products or non-profit relating to sustainability. The vendors were well dressed and brought out such positive energy and smiles towards us members and non-members. As a new member and new Communications Chair for Palm Beach, “a fantastic welcoming of a professional and fun family!” were words that best described this experience after driving on the Turnpike to an unknown destination, yet beautiful resort of PGA, for the first time!

After mingling and exchanging business cards with members and vendors, it was finally time to sit down with a non-alcoholic drink or a delicious appetizer. The outgoing Chair, Missy Strauss started the meeting off in passing out thank you gifts and hugs to our past board members who were ending their term. I have noticed that hugs are much more prevalent than shaking hands… an excellent way of feeling extra welcomed into this extended USGBC family. The new members and chairs were really happy to finally see “who is who” and to match names with faces. It was like having front row seats to watch A-list celebrities (perhaps wearing recycled plastic name tags) walk down the red carpet (perhaps made out of recycled fibers).

After the Missy thanked the outgoing board, the new Chair, Jonathan Burgess, the rockstar of the revolutionary world of green, took the stand and was introduced as the new Chair. He then presented a PowerPoint presentation introducing the new Chair Committees. The new chairs were very excited to see their names on the projector screen, as if it was a LEED Silver Plaque awarding our recognition and finally bringing us fame and celebratory status. Next, Jonathan displayed upcoming future events of the next branch meeting at a really neat hotel in Delray, the spectacular annual Gala in a magnificent hotel in Davie, and the famous annual Hallow-Green party at the hip Hotel Biba in West Palm Beach. Following the events, the next part of the event took place where 20 vendors volunteered to speak about how their company, products, or non-profit can contribute to USGBC’s mission, under a timed limit.

Great job in accomplishing a lot in 3 minutes!


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