“Namaste.” Do you ever hear that word as if someone was speaking a different language? Maybe at Exhale or at the end of vinyasa yoga at Equinox? Perhaps you hope to hear this word over the loudspeaker when you are in the “express” lane of Whole Foods, which you know never steps up to its true name.

“R E L A X”…. If someone utters each letter to you, this could make you sleepy. Perhaps counting backwards from 10,000 to 1, like when you were a child, may be the best way to relax and brainstorm new bedroom design ideas.

Reclining in an ergonomic (or as they say) chair and dreaming as if you were at the Beach Club at the Breakers, but really you just can’t. You have a deadline at 3pm and you must upload the new iOS version, but you have to backup your iPhone for 120 minutes. Then you have to pick up your dry cleaning before they close at 5pm and then you need to take your puppy out for a walk and have her gluten-free dinner delivered because your dog sitter was just way too booked for the “season”.

Ah ha, “Namaste” or “R E L A X”… For those of you living in a mid or high rise with a balcony, you could turn your traditional lifestyle of sleeping into a five-star experience by hanging a woven hammock on your balcony. Assuming the load bearing walls can withstand certain depths of drilling of anchor rods and the openings not absorb too much moisture if location overlooks the water. Despite the penalty charges your leasing office may fine you for drilling in the property’s walls, there is always the portable version. Falling asleep outside at home is just fabulous.

When daylight savings forces us to have to re-adjust our lives, this period gives our “caffeineated” society a silent cry to just chill out. Darkness, indoor environmental quality and decor are other key sizes that help us find the best bedroom design you have ever seen.

Throwing in a day bed in your home office would amazingly “soften” the stress-induced wall of Apple goodies. With WiFi overload, you can always downplay a headache and use your R E L A X keys.

Carrying out the sleek white color throughout the room and blending in a warm blue-brownish hue to soften the white from screaming everywhere would be so relaxing. Lining up mono-chrome photos in black frames against a wall and extending them out into the hallway are great key ideas. This will create a captivating entry.

Natural stone, slate, faux terrazzo wall coverings, refurbished woven pillows, and Zen-like elements all can help fixate a R E L A X atmosphere.

Just like watching “Love it or List it” show on HGTV, exploring all bedroom ideas as if you just moved in is just fabulous. Choose a print motif matching all furnishings. Drag it over a headboard and around lampshades, for a monotonous, sleepy feel.

Perhaps, a floating bed is of another interest. A mirrored covered bed frame could be a creative way to give an “uplift” look of waking up at R E L A X E D. It is amazing to see how materials can really mentally help transition your mind into peace, or at least for 7 to 8 hours.

One final key that can finalize the gold mine of bedroom design ideas would be battery-operated flickering candles, 12″, 18″, or 24″ from Restoration Hardware.

“Namaste” … You will just totally relax next time you hear someone saying this to you.



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