The City of Angles

This article is super-breath-takingly amazing. The massive window wall far exceeds and fullly accomplishes its intention, role and promise of connecting the city, culture and its people. As you drive by, walk by, or fly by this superstructure, spatial movement is so taking its place. The wall is functioning by appearing in different directions via reflection, transparency and translucency. So much is happening without driving an extra mile, walking an extra block or by flying an extra thrust forward. Whatever the case is, so much of a story is being told, naturally and perpetually as people, culture and the city perpetually activates on and on. So much for the “City that never sleeps”. But… of course there is always the concern for longevity… Long time use… Wonder what residential neighbors, businessmen driving along the street, and pedestrians walking by…. Or that window view directly across the street after 30 years…

Enjoy the article.


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