Keeping Up With The Kreative Kardashians

*This article best relates to the dynamically-challenged Generation XYZ in bonding fashion with science, under environmental concerns. From a visionary designer’s point of view, its long-term benefits for any generation, new or old is to be questioned. Just because the Kardashian sisters have their own fashion label named Dash, they are immediately inducted into the [...]

Daniel Burnham’s “Make No Little Plans”

The Metropolitan Planning Council of Chicago conducted a Placemaking 101 seminar at their offices in the Marquette Building in the Loop. Peter Skosey, Vice President of MPC, briefly introduced us to the Placemaking approach. He then gave the lead to Kara Riggio, a MPC associate. She presented how Placemaking is a “people-centered” approach. People define [...]

City Formally Launches Ambitious ‘Lighting Framework Plan’

International Design Competition: The City of Chicago Searches for a Design Team for the Ambitious 'Lighting Framework Plan' aka the next "City of Lights" following the principles of Paris, France. City-wide Lighting Framework Plan: pre-submittal conference: Friday June 13, 2014 at City Hall   The chief procurement officer for the City of Chicago at DOB [...]

Do’s and Don’ts of Successful Alternative Energy Projects (American Planning Assoc. Chicago 2014)

May 2014 This afternoon panel discussion presented how three different industry “mover and shakers” of the Chicago metro area developed success in alternative energy projects. Success implied cost effectiveness and energy efficiency for residents, commerce, and industry. Emerging alternatives and innovative strategies were challenged with case studies presented per panel speaker. Challenges targeted lessons to learn in finding [...]

Starbucks and a New York on Any Given Sunday

Florida Designer Homes Magazine Sunday Stories September-October 2013, Page 28 - 29 Latest cutting edge design trends in turning a traditional space into multi-functional and energizing. On a Sunday morning in July, with an iced café Americano and a 6 dollar New York Times at Starbucks, enjoying the aroma of a brand new day [...]

Luxury Interior Bath Rooms

Florida Designer Homes Magazine Designer Bathrooms February 2013 Volume 2 No. 6, Page 23 - 25 Creative ways to give character and a theme to a traditional bathroom. Luxury. Relax. Peace. Imagine repeating these words to yourself in a remote interior space with no mobile reception. You may enter the “unknown” with a cup [...]