Generating Coastal Revenue for Beaches of Delray

Delray Beach Contest: Creating Revenue in a Non-Profit Way for a Local Beach Area
July 2009
Creating a welcoming venue to all family members via a sustainable, open air, recreational, safe area on the beach is what I propose. As a LEED accredited professional for Building New Construction, I comprehend how beneficial this proposed project would become in terms of improving and bringing the community together.

I have recently contacted Habitat for Humanity in Delray Beach as well as other local non-profit organizations that are willing to provide recycled construction materials and other economically-correct project implementations, if my idea is approved. Some have declined however, I am still energized enough to utilize my own networking contacts to bring awareness and team support. As a co-moderator for Giving Back, a business networking group that helps support local charities, my energized capabilities in building bridges with other community activists has already given me a sense of place within our community.

My proposal specifically includes putting together an oversized, recycled material platform for chess and checkers, a volleyball net with two recycled construction posts, a hammock made of recycled fiber material, as well as an oversized chalkboard platform. Another idea would be to create a simple bench made out of recycled tires.

Economically speaking, a minimal amount can be charged to obtain materials such as chalk. Volunteers can be hired to monitor this area as well as allow guests to have access to the giant game pieces. Since creating revenue is the goal of this project perhaps a used material constructed table can be temporarily placed and staffed by local volunteers who may be allowed to also promote their non profit groups via marketing or any type of promoting. An example for promoting this area can be random weekend ice cream events, contributed by local establishments in promoting the City as well as their business.

My goal is to attract and build bridges of all ages in the Delray area via activities this area will allow for. Children as well as adults can not only feel comfortable spending a leisurely afternoon with other family members, but adults can also utilize its sustainable, respectful venue to create awareness for the beach in terms of nature and human interaction.

In conclusion, I have dedicated myself this past year to fully immersing myself 100% in community service. This all stems from my respect for the local architectural community as well as interactions with local culture and society. Generating venue is one of my greatest concerns for our local establishments in order to promote and sustain the beauty of the area we all love and hope to preserve. This above mentioned proposal will also promote and encourage tourism and additional recreational opportunities. Economically speaking, if indeed we limit the amount of monies charged to enjoy this beautiful, fun area, I truly believe it will be an inviting area for people of all ages to enjoy year round.

Please find above attached photos supporting my proposed ideas. Thanking you in advance for viewing my proposal.


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