Keeping Up With The Kreative Kardashians

*This article best relates to the dynamically-challenged Generation XYZ in bonding fashion with science, under environmental concerns. From a visionary designer’s point of view, its long-term benefits for any generation, new or old is to be questioned.

kardashianJust because the Kardashian sisters have their own fashion label named Dash, they are immediately inducted into the hall of fame as glamorous fashionistas, within less than half of a second, no matter what other talents they may or not have, not affecting future generations that much.

PINK! FUN! PINK! The super-theatrical Betsey Johnson as the original WILD child of the 60s who painted the town pink… has always kept up with the times while designing for the last 45 years.  As a dancer since childhood with a love for dress-up and costumes, she brings out the whimsical dreamy mindset, which is a bit much when you enter her new location at Town Center Mall in Boca.  But she is a smart business woman.  As she ages, though she looks younger everyday, she watches the transcending demands of each incoming generation.  This super lady knows how to “keep up with the Kreative Kardashians”.

Let’s not forget the world famous, powerful magnet lady causing EXPLOSIVE fireworks in social media: the one and only Lady Gaga. She is one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of Year 2010. This powerful business woman, as the Creative Director of Haus of Gaga, founded this fashion house that smartly combines performance with fashion, music and art. Like Betsey Johnson, although much younger, this Lady is another example of “keeping up with the Kreatives” as she eventually catches up with older generations.

Trends and more trends trending all over the fashion world… are these able to withstand a foundation as aging activates itself? After watching the annual NEW YORK FASHION WEEK, the “in the now” thing to do is to watch those waifish supermodels walk the catwalk with radically spray-painted hair matching their wardrobe and accessories.  Dressing up with gaudy, oversized necklaces as if they were in a casting call for next season’s Real Housewives of New York was part of the opening act of the show.  I am sure it was major ground-breaking news Twittering all over Madison Avenue, but just for that particular second of that minute of that hour of that day only.

While some of us Baby Boomers and Generation Xers can accept some trends, there are still others that cannot even comprehend why, today, a twenty-something Italian-Catholic prep school girl from Manhattan’s Upper West Side, under the stage name of Lady G, would dare “dress like she does”.

C’est la vie.  With Steve Jobs (past tense) as the Thomas Edison of the 20th century and Mark Zuckerberg as the new Steve Jobs of the 21st century… anything is possible. Right?

While these dynamically-challenged designers are climbing up the ladder of fashion capitals all over the world, it is interesting to see what could happen with today’s engineering advances in allowing us to foresee the future. I bet the PINK empire of Betsey Johnson would “keep up” with the younger populations.  As far as Lady G, she is and always is going to be the first to set all trends no matter what age.  Wonder if spray painting your hair and mimicking reality stars will benefit older ages?

Sometimes, mystery is a good thing.  Inquiring minds are curiously fascinated to see what’s up with those young, up-and-coming thinkers.  These new kids probably do not even know who the Kardashians are, are way too cool to use On Demand LCD high definition TV, and only communicate with their family via text only, if they are less than 10 feet away, under the same roof!!

Just like the young, strong-willed, female musician Adele, “Rumor has it” that this month’s European edition of WIRED magazine has something brewing with electricity and fashion…

As a Baby Boomer or a Generation Xer, I am assuming that the first thing that comes to your mind is, how is it remotely possible to combine fashion with positive protons attracting negative ions?  I am thinking way back to my 5th grade Science class, where we were split into teams trying to figure out how to conduct positive and negative electricity in order to light up a bulb… and were we even wondering what jeans designer we were promoting?  Jordache maybe?

Now, on the other side of the planetary solar system, where time and all mankind is still scientifically unknown, electronic couture has become the next best thing powerful enough to blow away our sketchbooks, charcoal, 2B, 3B, HB and F pencils, and carbon out of here and into the appropriate recycling bins.  Wouldn’t this be the coolest thing to ever make it into the Guiness Book of Records?

Back to reality.  According, to this month’s European WIRED, a London-based designer, 27 year old Amy Winters is featured as one of the ground-breaking designers using electricity with fashion.  She creatively uses multi-sensory experiences, while considering its environmental impact.

Of course, she agrees that wearable electronics have issues with bulkiness of power supplies, etc.  Her innovation was focused on being smart as a forward-thinker, just like others previously mentioned.  She used fabrics that respond chemically to their environment, via sound and touch.  In the article, she exhibits a dress with water resource.  As the dress gets wet, the white part turns to pink and green.   Another dress shows how sound triggers animation on electro-lumniscent sculptured panels.   Ms. Winters has proved biomimicry, by simulating nature, via fashion. Feel free to check out:


is probably the first word anyone can say after being speechless, with eyes-popping and jaws-dropping.

See attached article:

In conclusion, for those of you who want to make a small change to your wardrobe, maybe because the seasons are changing or?  Let’s “keep up with the Kreative Kardashians”.


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