The wizardry of Steve Jobs Possibly Taking Over the Way We Fly Airplanes

-iPads IN. computers, manuals, paper charts OUT.-

Imagine what the original pioneers of aviation, Orville and Wilbur Wright, would say about allowing mechanical and electrical engineers transform the computer system in the cockpit into a revolutionized display. Flat screen monitors and built-in apps dictating weather conditions and traffic signals from the controllers would be the norm.

Of course, consumers, buyers, and sellers are into instant gratification when they see something new in the market that could benefit them personally as well as professionally. Once the novelty wears off, longevity will be the next keyword to consider. Will these latest, hot inventions stick around long term? Will they benefit all generations of age, all professions, and all sorts of culture? These are some of the issues to consider when purchasing something that could transform the way people do things, the way consumers purchase goods, and the way professionals earn profit and generate revenue.

While these latest advancements in technology have its enormous advantages, limitations are necessitated enough to manage the novelty of the equipment. Perhaps until these inventions are more stabilized, the longevity of consistency in the market will be able to suffice. Once momentum is established for these new gadgets, trademarking, patenting, and the ability to see stable consequences, a fit can be fitted.

What will be next? iPads as the next wizard, built into your car, programmed to act as a GPS navigator, turn ignition on, play music, turn off windshield wipers, and to generate voice-to-text messages. After this invention, wait until the next iPad saves billions of dollars in traffic violation tickets for texting and driving, by delegating everything without a smartphone.

The turn of the century will be turned again when Steve Jobs invents an iPad as a mega-sized robotic-programmed automobile.

Eventually, these phenomenal inventions will be taking over all technological advances as one of the strongest movers and shakers in the New York Stock Exchange.

Amazing ideas. Never-ending, but of course it would be nice to have stability with no end. Just like how a skyscraper hotel is built on a foundation and structural system, new inventions need to have a foundation as well. A concrete and solid basis for monitoring airplanes, automobiles and other mass transportation systems is necessitated for long-term benefits.

Feel free to view attached supplemental article from the USA Today, Nation section, Friday, March 18, 2011, page 3A.


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